About Us


ADF was founded as Agricultural Missions Foundation in 1970 under the leadership of Mr. Owen Cooper, the last lay president of the Southern Baptist Convention.  The name was changed in 2001 to avoid confusion, and enable a closer working relationship with state Agricultural Mission Fellowships.  Contributions are used exclusively for missions unless designated otherwise.  Membership dues and income from the Owen Cooper Foundation cover office expenses.  Volunteers are responsible for their own travel expenses, and ADF has no paid employees.

Our Bylaws provide for a Chairman of the Board, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Coordinator, and 36 Directors elected by the membership.  members make funding decisions at semiannual meetings.


"If you give a man a loaf of bread today he will be hungry tomorrow, but if you will teach him today how to grow wheat he will make his own bread tomorrow."

Join Us!

Any person who is interested in helping people through the Christian work of Ag Development Foundation (ADF) can begin by joining our membership.

Annual Membership Dues in the amount of $50 can be paid at any of our ADF meetings or may be mailed to

PO Box 450
Clinton, MS 39060

Additional or larger contributions are welcomed.  Members will receive a Quarterly Newsletter that will provide information about ADF, world hunger, and current projects.  All dues and contributions are tax deductible and will be acknowledged.

Current Officers & Directors

President –Randy Graves, Mississippi, rgraves@afo.net
Vice-President – James A. Henley, Mississippi, jhenleytuxford@gmail.com
Secretary – Richard Parish, Louisiana, rip70422@aol.com 
Treasurer – Bobby Redding, Mississippi
Project Coordinator – Dan Watson, Mississippi, danielwatson@gmail.com
Board Chairman - Ben Ingram, Alabama, bding@bellsouth.net

Board of Directors

Richard Parish, LA 
Alan Stringer, MS 
Chuck Wilson, AR 
Don Blasingame, MS
Bobby Redding, MS
Stephen Redding, MS 
John Clement, AL
Phil Davis, MS 
Charles Johnson, LA 
Wayne Gemeinhardt, AL 
Sean Milliken, AR 
Terry Kirkpatrick, AR 
David Morrison, LA
David LaMay, LA 
Randy Graves, MS
David May, MS
Gene Baker, LA
Ron Baker, AR
Ben Ingram, AL
David Mason, AR
Jim Watson, MS
Carl Prewitt, MS

Director Emeritus- Nelson Philpot, Joyce Watson and Harold Watson