ADF Projects

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ADF Project Leadership

Since 1999, ADF has been blessed by the leadership of Harold and Joyce Watson, retired International Mission Board missionaries to the Philippines.  The Watson's expertise has greatly enlarged our effectiveness and scope.  ADF remains committed to funding doable projects and delivering resources with full accountability.  The technical leadership of our projects is accomplished primarily through Harold and specially recruited, skilled agricultural volunteers who provide short term expertise on the field.

The vast majority of ADF members facilitate our mission by paying annual membership dues, encouraging generosity within their spheres of influence, and by remaining actively involved within the organization.  The following are some examples of how our members (others) continue to give so that ADF can deliver hope to a needy world.

Examples of ADF Projects

Drip Irrigation in Venezuela:  Kits were provided to allow families to produce food during dry seasons or periods of drought.

Poultry project in Honduras:  Poultry is one of our most popular and effective projects globally.  Chickens can efficiently provide much of the protein needed for  children's diets.

Goats in Central/South America:  Goats are another excellent project for providing meat-milk-cheese for low income families.  ADF commonly supplies breeding pairs of goats to rural pastors to supplement their income.

Catahoula Dogs in Asia:  Wild hogs destroy the crops & livelihood of subsistence farmers in this region.  Crop damage has been a serious problem for many years and farmers had to guard their crops at night.  IMB missionaries in this region discovered that Catahoula dogs will keep wild hogs away from the crops, and help provide a great tool for building relationships and sharing the Gospel!

Global Agricultural Educational Projects:  Small teams of educators conduct “hands-on” teaching clinics to teach farmers how to better feed their families, improve efficiency, and steward the land.  Courses are customized for each area, but often include providing clean water, SALT Contour Farming, gardening, and veterinary care.