ADF News & Meetings




The winter meeting of the ADF was held at the Wynndale Baptist Church in Terry, Mississippi.  President Ben Ingram called the meeting to order and Harold Watson welcomed the group on behalf of Wynndale Baptist Church and their pastor.  Because there were several states represented, Ingram asked each of those present to introduce themselves.

State Reports.  Following these introductions, the state reports were given. Highlights included an announcement by David LaMay that Gene Baker is the new President of the Louisiana Baptist Agricultural Missions Fellowship. In addition to their work in Oaxaca, Mexico, the Louisiana fellowship is now accepting proposals for other projects.  Randy Graves reported that the Mississippi Baptist Agricultural Missions Fellowship has shipped t-shirts to Copan, Honduras. Bobby Redding reported that land has been obtained for a training farm in Panama and Marcus Gruver is working there.  Larry Bandy reported that the Texas Baptist Men are supporting a water filter ministry and a garden project in Brazil.  No reports were given for Alabama or Arkansas.

Mission Reports. Following the state reports, reports on our mission support were given.  

Bangladesh: Don Blasingame reported on his work with IMB Missionary Phil Thurston in the Hill Tract area of Bangladesh. The work was started 9 years ago. Training centers have been established for both agricultural work and pastor/evangelist training. Eleven national evangelists are now working to develop churches in the region.

Asia: Chad McCord reported on his 9 years in Asia. His emphasis has been on Hindu people and he is now working in a mountainous area with Nepali people, teaching English in a YMCA. He is working on several agricultural projects including pigs, goats and cattle. Chad sees agriculture as a way to reach the men in the area, and would like to develop a small training farm.  There is a need for agricultural volunteers to advise him on several agricultural projects.

Vietnam: Jim Watson gave an update on the veterinary clinic in Hanoi. He reported that the private clinic failed originally, but has come back in the past two years. Christian veterinarians are once again working with the clinic.

Baptist Global Response (BGR): Harold Watson reported that BGR has now issued a catalog similar to the one put out by Heifer International that allows people to select and support individual projects.

Guest Speakers.

Steven Rubado and Brandon George from the Asian Rural Life Development Foundation reported on their agricultural project work in India.  Projects included FAITH gardens, water filters, goats, chickens, and feed production. They and their team of four extension workers hope to expand efforts to include papayas, bananas, goat cheese and laying hens. Sales of commodities would be used to help support the extension workers. Brandon asked for prayers for the work in India and for a visa for him to return.